See what our clients say about working with Ettinger Adjustment Group. We are happy to provide references upon request.

Fixed the Insurance Company’s Unfair Offer

We had an issue with the insurance company after a fire destroyed our Park Model home. By the time the insurance company adguster finished his report and the depreciation reduction we were disgusted with their findings. I contacted Brandon Ettinger fire adjuster and he took our case. By the time Brandon was done he corrected much of the discrepancies and was able to obtain our Money do to us. Brandon was courteous and professional. He maintained constant communication with us doing the entire ordeal. We were extremely satisfied with everything he did and are pleased with the outcome. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who may need his services.

Leaking Roof Not a Problem for EAG

We had a leak in our roof and thanks to Brandon, we were able to get a new roof with not a lot of hassle. Brandon explained the process thoroughly and it was a smooth and easy process. I would not have been able to deal with the insurance company on my own and get what I got without all of his help. One of the best decisions I ever made was to work with Brandon. If I ever have the need, I will definitely be calling Brandon first.

Call Ettinger Adjustment Group first!!!

A piece of advice from someone who learned the hard way: if you ever experience any damage to your home and are going to put in a homeowners insurance claim, call Ettinger Adjustment Group first!!! Brandon Ettinger was recommended to me and I couldn’t have been happier with the way he and his company handled my claim. He was thorough, extremely nice to deal with, honest and very smart. My mistake was not calling them the first time I put in a claim and waiting till I had major damage. No claim is too small! Call Brandon before you call your insurance company, you will be happy you did!

My Trusted Public Adjuster for Many Many Years

I have used Marty Ettinger as my public adjuster for many years. Ettinger adjustment group is wonderful! They are always on top of everything and make you their top priority! They have always made everything so easy! I refer them to anyone who needs s a public adjuster

Amazing Results in Less Than 2 Weeks

Brandon Ettinger is highly professional in what he is doing! Couldn’t wish anyone better! Very easy to work with, answering calls and texts promptly, giving a great advice and smart solutions. Claim process took less than 2 weeks. Thank you million times!!!!!

Toilet Leak Led us to EAG and We Couldn’t Be Happier

My cousin referred us to Brandon when our toilet leaked through to our laundry room, and he was great and so easy to work with! We didn’t have a clue what we should do, and he guided us through the entire process. We couldnt be happier with our choice to work with them and with the amount we received from the insurance company.

Extremely Pleased with Friendship, Excellent Service and Results

We were very fortunate to meet Brandon Ettinger on February 25, 2016 because a very large tree fell on our home the night before, causing extensive roof and structural damage. Based on a recommendation from my son, I telephoned Brandon and he was immediately responsive. Brandon explained their services and how he and his firm could help us through the process of repairing our home and working with our insurance company. Brandon was with us every step of the way over the several weeks during which Ettinger Adjustment Group worked with the insurance company, we selected a contractor and during the process of repairing our home. We were extremely pleased with Brandon’s friendship, his excellent service during the process and then with the results. We can’t wait for an opportunity to recommend them to anyone who may need to retain an adjustor.
Thank you Brandon and Ettinger Adjustment Group
From Marvin and Lorraine Riesenbach

Minimized My Stress and Time Involvement

Thanks Ettinger Adjustment Group, LLC to handle my insurance claim.
Insurance claims process is very difficult sometime, and I’m so glad to meet Brandon Ettinger. I’m happy Brandon was able to minimize my stress and time involvement.
I’d highly recommend this company to everyone I know as they really value clients business and help through the whole process! I was really pleased with their services.
Thank you so much, Brandon!!!!

Always There When You Need Them

Great company! Good people! Marty and Brandon are always there when you need them and get the results we want! Highly recommended!

Treated Us Like Family!

Brandon and the team are absolutely amazing! Thank you for your patience, confidence, and expertise. In an incredibly stressful situation, Ettinger Adjustment group took us under their wing and treated us like family. The entire process was tolerable because we were in great hands. Thank you!!

Great to Have on My Side

So great to have someone like Brandon Ettinger on your side when dealing with an insurance claim.

Excellent Service!

Excellent service. Were extremely responsible and we received a very good result.

We Got a Huge Amount of Money that Covered Everything!

Who knew that one little storm could cause so much damage. We couldn’t believe how little our insurance company was offering us for the damage. We knew there was no way that money would completely repair our home & fence. We heard about Ettinger Adjustment Group from a family member who had a good experience with them. It was the best decision we made. It was so easy. They checked things out, and before I knew it, we got a huge amount of money that covered everything. I have personally recommended them to many friends. We couldn’t be happier with Ettinger Adjustment Group, LLC!

Courteous, Reliable and Very Professional

My roof was ripped off during a storm and the interior of my house was damaged. The Ettinger Adjustment Group helped me every step of the way to obtain a generous settlement which covered the entire cost of the repairs. They were courteous, reliable and very professional, I highly recommend.

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